Paramedic Scarlett Martyn: Impact of Vaccine Mandates

National Citizens Inquiry
Published on November 16, 2023

Scarlett Martyn, a dedicated paramedic lost her job due to vaccine mandates. In this gripping interview, Scarlett opens up about the dramatic shift in attitude within her workplace following the rollout of vaccines. Discover the challenges she faced, the impact on her career, and the personal toll it took on her. Scarlett’s story sheds light on the complex and evolving dynamics surrounding vaccine mandates and their consequences for frontline workers. Don’t miss this thought-provoking discussion that highlights the real-life experiences and emotions of those affected by these policies. (27 minutes)

Watch on Rumble here.

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In Case of Emergency, Read This! Alberta’s Covid-19 Report

In Case of Emergency, Read This! Alberta’s Covid-19 Report

Despite the wreckage wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic – social disintegration, ruined lives, physical and economic tolls – the governments and public officials who “managed” the emergency have been decidedly uninterested in assessing their performance. Except in Alberta, where a government-appointed panel just released its Final Report. Though predictably attacked by politicians, media and “experts” who can abide no dissent, the report makes many sensible recommendations, Barry Cooper finds. The report calls for emergency management experts – not doctors or health care bureaucrats – to be in charge when such disasters strike, with politicians who are accountable to the people making the key decisions. Most important, the report demands much stronger protection for the individual freedoms that panic-stricken governments and overbearing professional organizations so readily quashed.