Markets Delivery Declining CO2 levels

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It is amazing how the private sector economy works. A bit of private sector innovation has solved the problem that avoids massive taxation and government regulation.   Meanwhile, several European countries are continuing to block the development of Shale Gas …

Climate Change CO2 Caravan Continues At Cancun, Commercially: You Must Pay For Your Sins

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The Cancun Climate Conference and most national policies confirm equalization of wealth as the real objective. Everything is based on falsified evidence and completely unnecessary. If a private citizen practiced such deception it would constitute fraud. Despite evidence of manipulated data, corrupted science, false claims, and failed predictions the nonsense continues.

The Gas Of Life: Western CO2 emissions increase plant yields in the Third World. So why are they asking for reparations?

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At Copenhagen, Third World countries are demanding hundreds of billions of dollars in reparations from the West for the consequences of the West’s fossil fuel burning, among them droughts and crop failures. Third World countries have it backwards. The West’s CO2 emissions have been increasing crop yields while helping to ease the Third World’s water shortages. Rather than plead for reparations, Third World governments should offer a paean to Providence.

All Life On Planet Depends On CO2

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Science is simply defined as the ability to predict, so the failure invalidates the science even if you don’t understand the science. People who persist only have a blind belief and as the adage says, there are none so blind as those who will not see. What a terrifying basis for devastating and totally unnecessary energy and economic policies.