Is the Sun Missing Its Spots?

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Ever since Samuel Heinrich Schwabe, a German astronomer, first noted in 1843 that sunspots burgeon and wane over a roughly 11-year cycle, scientists have carefully watched the Sun’s activity. Indeed, last year marked the blankest year of the Sun in the last half-century — 266 days with not a single sunspot visible from Earth. Then, in the first four months of 2009, the Sun became even more blank, the pace of sunspots slowing more.

Facts Debunk Global Warming Alarmism

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There are two fundamentally different ways in which computers can be used to project climate. The first is used by the modelling groups that provide climate projections to the IPCC. These groups deploy general circulation models, which use complex partial differential equations to describe the ocean-atmosphere climate system mathematically. GCMs are subject to the well-known computer phenomenon of GIGO, which translates as “garbage in, God’s-truth out”.

Climate Science: SOME PRINCIPLES

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1. Climate Science encompasses many basic disciplines from Science-in-general. Few people have a total grasp of all factors that influence the planet’s climate. As a result, specialists sometimes don’t see the forest for the trees. 2. Climate has been changing …