Prediction Markets and Climate Change Policy

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Prediction markets may also be able to help policymakers make better decisions. One policy area where they may prove especially useful is environmental policymaking in response to climate change. Given the highly technical nature of the complicated scientific questions that lie at the hart of the policy questions surrounding climate change, and the fact that these questions have become highly politicized, new sources of objective information about the likelihood of accelerating global warming in the years ahead would be extremely valuable.

Frontier Centre Research In The News

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The Frontier Centre has released several major papers in recent weeks that have generated a significant amount of discussion about important policy problems in Canada. Michael Zwaagstra’s policy study on the subject of highly controversial “no-zero” grading policies which forbid …

A Step Forward For Online Higher Ed?

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Two who are bullish on the idea that web-based learning can make education “better, cheaper and easier to access” are Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, the proprietors of the popular economics blog Marginal Revolution. This week, they announced the creation of “Marginal Revolution University, ” which will soon provide free instructional content in the field of economics.

Frontier Centre Analysis on Higher Education Policy Issues

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Protests in Quebec over planned tuition increases during the past academic year have sparked a considerable amount of debate over the current state of post-secondary education in Canada. Frontier Centre analysts have been active participants in this debate, and the Frontier Centre has become one of the country’s leading sources of public policy analysis on issues related to tuition fees and other issues surrounding higher education.