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5G: Rise of the Machines

Commentary, Disruption, Lee Harding

The Terminator movies were prediction, not fiction. The proof abounds in China, recently dubbed by the CBC as the world’s first digital dictatorship. The dragon has interfaced the fifth generation of wireless technology with surveillance cameras, and facial recognition software …

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Victoria Sues God

Commentary, Environment, Lee Harding

It has come to this—Victoria wants to round up a posse of municipalities to sue oil companies for damages from climate change. Not only is such a case well-nigh impossible to prove, it is also full of rich ironies. Weather-related …

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Same Racket, Sans Jacket

Commentary, Economy, Lee Harding

“Canadians do not need to be liberated,” said Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson half a century ago. On July 24, 1967, French president Charles De Gaulle lit the fuse for Quebec independence with his famous “Vive la Quebec libre!” …