Thinking About Utility Corridors

Blog, Energy, Les Routledge If all goes according to plan, the pipeline to the west will not be required within 10 years.  Instead, the need to feed refineries in Texas will be satisfied by supply them with Canadian heavy oil, a feed …

Oil Sand News

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Imperial Oil has reduced production costs and reduced carbon emissions to being on par with conventional oil. What are the environmentalists going to complain about now?  

Markets Delivery Declining CO2 levels

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It is amazing how the private sector economy works. A bit of private sector innovation has solved the problem that avoids massive taxation and government regulation.   Meanwhile, several European countries are continuing to block the development of Shale Gas …

Refugee Policy Reform

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This editorial from Calgary is worth a read.  With the changes, the government appears to be killing a fly with a sledgehammer. It should consider cutting back benefits only to those from designated countries of origin — who might only …

Car Sharing is a Good Idea

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A group in Saskatoon is evaluating the feasibility of establishing a car sharing service in the city.  To me, this is a good idea that can reduce the cost of transportation for a lot of people. Another desirable step would …