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Human Achievement Hour 2014

Worth A Look, Energy, Peter Holle

Tomorrow, March 29th 2014, between 8:30pm and 9:30pm, we’ll be celebrating Human Achievement Hour. This one-hour event coincides with Earth Hour, an annual event where governments, businesses and individuals dim or shut off lights in an effort to raise awareness …

Sea Levels Challenge Global Warming Orthodoxy

Blog, Climate, Peter Holle

We just posted an interesting commentary about sea levels and global warming by an American meteorologist with an interest in ancient city sites in Europe and Asia.  Robert Endlich observes that declining global temperatures caused the polar ice cap to grow causing …

On Government Growth

Blog, Globalization, Peter Holle

From one of my email feeds from New Zealand comes this thoughtful nugget by Dr. Oliver Hartwich, Executive Director of the New Zealand Initiative, a local think tank: Government spending has been rising for the past one and a half …

Incredible Dribble

Blog, Climate, Peter Holle

Your pet is causing global warming In this morning’s Winnipeg Free Press: Fido’s Footprint – Pets are a growing part of the climate change conundrum

Equalization Corrodes Belgium

Blog, Equalization, Peter Holle

An occasional topic at Frontier is equalization, a very time worn federal transfer program that flows vast sums of money, no-strings-attached, to the so-called “have-not” provinces. While certainly well-intended, several think tanks have documented the program’s policy downsides including the “fly …