Global Warming Benefits?!!?

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A few years ago Senior Fellow Tim Ball wrote a column for the Frontier Centre which observed that global warming would benefit Canada and particularly Manitoba. Winnipeg, of course, some pundits say is the coldest city in the world over …

Blair on Thatcher

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Yesterday, PBS Newshour’s coverage of Margaret Thatcher’s passing last night included a great interview with two former high level officials from the Reagan administration, George Schultz and James Baker. The one comment that stuck with me was Baker’s comment that …

Chicken Processing Bonanza Alberta bound

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It’s no secret that Canadian so-called supply management marketing board policies are a destructive relic from the 1970s.  Frontier, along with several other Canadian think tanks has written extensively how they artificially raise prices for consumers while prohibiting the industry …

Smaller Class Size is About More Teacher Jobs

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As student numbers decline in a country with an aging population, we continue to see a constant stream of policies designed to artificially increase the demand for teachers – including the push for more early childhood education, lengthening the number of years students must be in school, and now reducing class size even when the evidence shows that it does not benefit students.

An ironic GREEN Future

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This is your future. Huddled around wood stoves to keep warm because electricity is too expensive because of subsidies paid to rich people who own wind farms and solar panels