Dennis Owens

Why Are Parents Paying Twice?

Manitoba’s education system is soaking parents who choose not to enroll their children in often substandard public schools. Those who use independent schools, who home-school and who use remedial learning centres all face discrimination and two tiers.

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Expanding the Trades

Manitoba’s school system overemphasizes university entrance, and the result is huge drop-out rates in universities and a shortage of skilled tradesmen. The German system of apprenticeship works better.

Creating a High Performance Public School System in Manitoba

If we adopted a clear-headed, results-oriented philosophy of education „Ÿ and embarked in a consequent manner on the reform of standards, finances and administration „Ÿ we could create the strongest public school system in the country. Instead of the province which spends the largest percentage of GDP on schools, Manitoba would become renowned as the province that achieved the best results.