Rebecca Walberg

Escaping the Poverty Trap

Most people, given the choice, would like to live in a neighbourhood that boasts a sense of community. The poor are no different. A stake in one’s own community and a sense of belonging are crucial to generating social capital and good relations between neighbours.

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Transformers: More than Meets the Eye

The path to net zero, based on the much disputed belief that carbon dioxide is a pollution, is more steep and impractical than most people realize. Replacing fossil fuels with clean electricity will require much more power generation and a greatly upgraded grid to...

Making Welfare Work

Lasting and meaningful welfare reform will come about only when we reduce incentives to stay on welfare, pare back the chunk taken out of every paycheque in various taxes, and use public funds effectively.

Timid, Distant and Bland

Offered a choice between a confident incumbent who promised to keep a dysfunctional system, and a largely unknown challenger who offered minuscule changes, Manitoba opted for the status quo.