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Proud to be Canadian in 2019

Gerry Bowler, Government

Today, my fellow citizens rise to mark the 152nd anniversary of our independence from Great Britain, a holiday known as Canada Day.  This is surely among the planet’s least inspiring names for a national celebration. Americans stand up and salute …

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Gas and Garbage

Commentary, Environment, Gerry Bowler

Canadians have fought a lot of tough characters over the years. Sudanese warriors of the Mahdi, Boer guerillas, armies of the German, Austrian, and Japanese empires, Nazi SS panzer divisions, Red Chinese, North Koreans, Serbs, Croats, and Taleban all came …

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A Modest Proposal

Commentary, Economy, Gerry Bowler

In 1970, Pierre Eliot Trudeau’s administration decided to cut diplomatic ties with one government claiming to rule China and to recognize another. Out went our acceptance of a long-time ally, the quasi-democratic Republic of China, based on the island of …