Don’t Fear the Environmental Bogeyman

Adrian Vannahme, Climate Change, Commentary, Environment

Many people believe that the condition of the natural environment is deteriorating but in a wide variety of areas including air quality, water quality, soil quality, forest conservation and ecosystem preservation, Canada has made significant and sustained progress in recent decades. Canadians should be proud of this record of progress, and should celebrate the fact that our children are likely to live their adult lives within a natural environment that is cleaner and healthier than what exists today.

If it Walks and Squawks like a Carbon Tax, It is a Carbon Tax

Adrian Vannahme, Climate Change, Environment, Role of Government, Taxation

The government’s proposed “carbon market” will act like a tax on businesses and households. By placing a “price” on carbon emissions, a carbon market would drive up prices for a wide variety of products and would strain household budgets while having a negative impact on economic growth. Since the costs of the policy would be great, and the emission reductions achieved would be too slight to have any detectable impact on the global warming phenomenon, this costs of this policy exceed the benefits.