Trip-Sharing is Giving Cabs a Rough Ride

Brian Lee Crowley, Commentary, Information Technology, Saskatchewan, Transportation

Canada’s taxi industry enriches a tiny minority, exploits drivers and provides expensive and spotty services for many people highly dependent on cabs, such as women and the poor. It increases the rate of car ownership, as people who might otherwise rely on cabs find poor availability and high fares work against them. Finally, it prevents us getting full value from the millions of privately owned cars on the road. Fortunately, help is on the way.

Canadians Vote With Their Feet: Subsidizing poorly performing parts of the country can’t substitute for the policy choices that foster prosperity, writes Brian Lee Crowley

Brian Lee Crowley, Equalization

No man is an island. What is true of individuals is doubly true of societies. When even in authoritarian societies such as Iran and China, YouTube videos from Tunisia, Britain or Argentina can be viewed the instant they are posted, even the humble and the oppressed know what life is like elsewhere.

How Immigration Could Save America

Brian Lee Crowley, Commentary, Housing Affordability, Immigration, Role of Government, Workplace

Suppose that one million new immigrants responded to this opportunity. Unlike most foreign investors, these are people who would be making the ultimate commitment to America, choosing to live there and ultimately becoming citizens. These one million new investors would put $200-billion into the housing market immediately, soaking up excess supply without drawing on the strained balance sheets of financial institutions.