Revitalizing Manitoba:: From Supplicant Society to Diversity and Dynamism

Bryan Schwartz, Commentary, Equalization, Speech

“I call this whole series an intellectual exploration…my continuing attempt to make sure I never find work in this province. I laugh, I’m smiling, but it’s not that funny. So let me just go back briefly to the diagnosis from three years ago. The idea of Manitoba as a supplicant society. I’ll explain more what that’s about, and put that whole criticism in this larger philosophical context, and then get to the very concrete suggestions that I have attempted to make for revitalizing our society.”

Watchdogs or Poodles? (Part 6 of 8): Independent Agencies in the Supplicant Society

Bryan Schwartz, Commentary, Taxation

There is a conflict of interest when a government must decide if it will call an inquiry into its own conduct. The solution is to introduce a major role for an independent official. That person would be a preliminary investigator examining the need for an inquiry, considering carefully its scope and the protections to be given to those under scrutiny, and would make a decision or a public recommendation to the government of the day.