A Breakthrough For Transparency in Healthcare: Directive on cross-border healthcare will affect many European citizens.

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In a recent article on cross-border healthcare (“Have illness, will travel?”, 24-30 March), you looked ahead to the directive on cross-border healthcare, which has since been formally adopted, and wrote that “relatively few people are expected to take advantage of the law”, noting that current cross-border care is worth €10 billion, less than 1% of current healthcare spending”.

Market Medicine

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If consumers had better access to information about their health and how to navigate the health-care system, they would be capable of addressing the inequalities and malfunctions of today. The Health Consumer Index gives consumers this information so they can make informed decisions about their health care.

The End of the Beginning

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The End of the Beginning – a short international update on the Stockholm healthcare revolution – summarises the healthcare advances made in Stockholm during the 1990s, describing the reforming process and its good results, but also the new difficulties that have cropped up along the way.