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Frigid Cold Is Why We Need Dependable Energy

Commentary, Energy, Tom Harris

Recent record-setting low temperatures have underscored the creature comfort and often life-saving importance of abundant, reliable, affordable energy. They also reminded us how appropriate it was that America’s 2017 National Security Strategy (NSS) emphasizes energy security – and was released on December …

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End the ‘War On Coal’

Commentary, Energy, Tom Harris

Far from being a threat, coal continues to bring health, welfare and prosperity to billions At the recent Environmental Protection Agency public hearing in Charleston, West Virginia, on withdrawing the “Clean Power Plan,” anti-coal activists were out in force: the Climate …

Alberta government needs new approach to Keystone XL pipeline lobbying: Government must educate on climate change to ensure Keystone XL pipeline approval

Commentary, Environment, Saskatchewan, Tom Harris

Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver is right to label climate activist Dr. James Hansen’s end-of the-world proclamations as nonsense. But Oliver makes a strategic mistake when he actively promotes the hypothesis that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from human activities are causing dangerous global warming.

Kudos to Environment Minister Peter Kent for giving Canadians a climate scare-free Earth Day

Blog, Climate Change, Commentary, Energy, Environment, Information Technology, Tom Harris

Happily, and perhaps unexpectedly, Canadian Environment Minister Peter Kent resisted the temptation to associate his Earth Day speech with the climate scare. In an announcement that included nothing at all about climate, global warming, greenhouse gases or carbon dioxide, Kent and his Alberta counter-part Diana McQueen instead discussed a practical, science-based plan to enhance public access to real pollution data from the oilsands.

Media Release – Earth Day’s Credibility Damaged by Dominance of Climate Activists: Legitimate environmental concerns being shortchanged by focus on bogus global warming scare

Climate Change, Commentary, Environment, Saskatchewan, Tom Harris

Ottawa, Canada, April 22, 2013: “Earth Day participants must distance themselves from the climate scare or risk the event degenerating into irrelevance,” said Tom Harris, executive director of the Ottawa-based International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC). Noting the intense climate focus in this year’s Earth Day Network advertising, Harris warned, “As the hypothesis that humanity’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are causing dangerous global warming falls into disrepute, all those associated with the climate alarm will also lose credibility.”

Overconfidence: the Achilles heel of global warming alarmists

Blog, Climate Change, Commentary, Energy, Environment, Information Technology, Tom Harris

What Canada 2020 panelists and organizers seem to not understand is that all planning for the future involves sensible risk assessment. This includes considering, not just the possible impacts of climate change, but also the likelihood of them actually coming about. And that means dealing with uncertainties. Lecturing Canadians about fictional global warming certainty when future climate states are anything but certain, does us all a disservice and, in the long run will sway no one not already committed to the scare.