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Recycled Ideas

Frontier Centre, Video, Winnipeg

Winnipeg is building a bigger recycling plant. Estimated $30 Million Dollars. Despite recycling volumes being static for years. So why build a new one? Recycling is facing an uncertain future as recycling standards are in flux, the current quality recyclables …

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A Price on Pickup

Frontier Centre, Video

The City of Winnipeg did not choose the lowest bid cost for garbage pickup in 2017.   The extra cost to Winnipeg taxpayers will be $16 million or approximately an extra 3 to 4 % on the average homeowner property tax …

Weekly Radio: Saudi Solution

Culture Wars, Frontier Centre

On August 3, the government of Canada issued a statement of concern about the way that Saudi Arabia was treating a number of its citizens who had been agitating for further human rights inside the most Islamically conservative jurisdiction on …

Weekly Radio: The Right to Defend

Frontier Centre, Radio

Two recent cases show a troubling trend on the part of the police in reacting to Canadians defending their property and families. When an armed gang roared on to the farm of Gerald Stanley, attempted to steal vehicles, and assaulted …