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Emergency Room Madness

Commentary, Healthcare, Lee Harding

Literal delirium is a potential consequence of waiting too long in an emergency room. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening in Canada have never been greater. The Canadian Institute for Health released a report in January that showed the average …

Picking doctors by colour

Aruna Papp, Canada, Healthcare, Immigration

In a recent position statement, the Canadian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists argued that immigrant patients’ expressed wishes to be treated by a doctor of their own sex, race, culture or religion — reportedly a common phenomenon — should not …

Harm Reduction News

Blog, Commentary, Healthcare, Les Routledge

A Lancet study finds e-cigarettes appear to cut consumption of smokers. After six months, however, the 57% of e-cigarette users had halved the number of cigarettes smoked each day compared with 41% in those using patches. I find it strange …

A Hospital Case: Sweden is leading the world in allowing private companies to run public institutions

Commentary, Frontier Centre, Healthcare, Saskatchewan, Worth A Look

SAINT GORAN’S hospital is one of the glories of the Swedish welfare state. It is also a laboratory for applying business principles to the public sector. The hospital is run by a private company, Capio, which in turn is run by a consortium of private-equity funds, including Nordic Capital and Apax Partners. The doctors and nurses are Capio employees, answerable to a boss and a board. Doctors talk enthusiastically about “the Toyota model of production” and “harnessing innovation” to cut costs.