Alberta Legislature Gets to Work

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The Alberta government’s legislative agenda for the new session of the Legislature was announced this week. What should we expect from it?

The government’s plan includes an education bill (reincarnate), a bill to amend electoral law and a bill to amend municipal electoral rules as well as one with guarantees for buyers of new homes.

But it may be the subthemes in and around some of the proposed bills that are likely to dominate the debate during. The Leader of the Official Opposition, Danielle Smith, has already served notice to the Redford government, for example, that her team will be looking closely into the questions of health, finance, and ethics. In that very context, they will be watching the pension issue as well as the commission of inquiry on healthcare wait times and queue-jumping.

We Need Private Health Care

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The 2010 edition of the Euro-Canada Health Consumer Index 2010, from the Frontier Centre for Public Policy and Sweden-based Health Consumer Powerhouse, found that, despite the fourth highest per-capita spending, Canadian health care ranks 25th compared with 33 European countries, every one of which features a mixture of public and private spending.