Valuation Analysis Of SaskTel

Crown Corporations, Ian Madsen, Information Technology, Publications, Saskatchewan

In this policy study, Madsen examines a variety of indicators to ascertain the value of the Saskatchewan government owned SaskTel. Madsen follows well-established practices and methodologies that include two different approaches in order to gain an insight into the monetary worth of the Saskatchewan Crown Corporation. SaskTel is an historic Saskatchewan institution that has played a role in the development of the province. Established in 1908, communication in those days was not universal and did not always extend to every farm or hamlet. It could be very expensive and often impossible to get a telephone line, as well as quite expensive to keep one. The Internet, cellular telephony, cable television – even just television – had yet to be invented.

GITaR, Gradual Income Tax Reduction

Ian Madsen, Saskatchewan, Taxation

People falsely believe that cutting taxes prevents governments from having healthy revenue growth to do the things it alone can do. There is a way to lower the tax burden without reducing government services. This means is GITaR, Gradual Income Tax Reduction.

Treasury Yields Forecast a US Future: Similar to Japan’s present, but Spain’s is more likely

Ian Madsen, Publications, Taxation

This backgrounder offers an analysis of recent conditions in interest rates and bond markets among industrial states. Notwithstanding the United States’ current economic woes, the paper concludes that while it is positively the best major market in comparison to almost all others, it risks of drifting into Spain-like conditions without an active set of policies to redress its debt burden.