Picking doctors by colour

Aruna Papp, Canada, Healthcare, Immigration

In a recent position statement, the Canadian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists argued that immigrant patients’ expressed wishes to be treated by a doctor of their own sex, race, culture or religion — reportedly a common phenomenon — should not …

The Advocate

Aruna Papp, Canada, Commentary, Immigration, Media Appearances

Originally printed on ucobserver.org Aruna Papp grew up amid honour-based violence in India. Today she’s a world-recognized champion for vulnerable girls and women everywhere. Pin-drop silence. That was the atmosphere on a sleepy summer Sunday when Aruna Papp, a lay …

Let’s Worry About Skills, Not Outsourcing

Frontier Centre, Immigration, Saskatchewan, Workplace, Worth A Look

If you landed back in Canada this week from outer space, or even southern Florida, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d hit a wormhole in time and that it was actually 1990. A debate is raging about whether business should outsource jobs if it makes the business more profitable. Wait, you might think, we settled this long ago. And except when it becomes campaign trail rhetoric in America, we understand that outsourcing is not a bad thing.