Transfer Money to Individuals, Not Governments

Canadians benefit from a quality of life that few in human history could even conceive of. Unfortunately, many Canadians at the lower end of the income spectrum haven’t shared in those gains. A recent Statistics Canada report shows that while …

Poverty Claims Show Welfare System Failure

All kids are poor. Children typically don’t own much beyond a few toys. That’s true in poor families. And it’s true of rich families. Children must rely totally on parents and caregivers. On their own, they’re destitute. And yet we have a report boldly titled Child Poverty. That tugs at the heartstrings and makes great newspaper copy but it’s wrong. The report should properly be titled family or household poverty.

It’s a Bad Idea to Hit Anyone with Tax Jump

Ontario’s popular new measure to tax the rich will, unsurprisingly to those who understand how economic incentives work, very likely create more economic costs than benefits, according to a new analysis from the C.D. Howe Institute.

Evidence on the Negative Income Tax

Carol Goar’s op-ed in The Toronto Star today discusses the negative income tax. The negative income tax is basically a policy proposal to create a guaranteed annual income for all households. The government would set a minimum threshold that it wants everybody to have, …