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Are We Ready for Driverless Cars?

Disruption, Radio

The age of driverless automobiles is almost upon us. Most of the world’s car makers are working on prototypes and it is expected that by 2030 the autonomous vehicle market in the US alone will be worth approximately $87 billion. …

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Is Manitoba Ready for Diamonds?

Aboriginal Futures, Radio

Last year, a geological survey made a promising discovery of diamonds in northern Manitoba. The province should move quickly to enhance the potential for revenue by involving industry partners, First Nations and municipalities in the region. Other areas have fumbled …

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Death Tax

Frontier Centre, Radio, Taxation

Recently a long died and largely unlamented tax has been rediscovered with some new-ish fans who never really repudiated their great love for it. It is the Death Tax, or Estate Tax, which was abolished in Canada in 1971 by …