Zombie Democracy

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The competitive economic gap that existed between Manitoba and its western neighbours at the time of the last provincial election (2011)has grown further, and, just as worrisome, the democracy gap is growing as well.

Ed Schreyer Speaks, Best to Listen

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On June  25th, former Governor General of Canada and former Premier of Manitoba Ed Schreyer spoke at a Frontier Centre luncheon. His topic was Manitoba Hydro’s plans (supported by the provincial government), to spend tens of billions of dollars to construct two new northern hydro-electric generating …

The Wonders of Accounting

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It is widely understood, at least within certain knowledgeable circles, that the actions of Publius politicians, lawyers and accountants brought about the credit crisis and the worst recession in the developed world since the 1930s. Politicians strive to be elected and, when …

Public Responsibilities Ignored

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Publius attended a Frontier Centre Winnipeg luncheon address by Graham Lane, a former Chair of Manitoba’s Public Utilities Board. In an address of about three quarters of an hour, Mr. Lane shared serious concerns about the provincial government’s determination to have Manitoba Hydro (a …