Powerful Reforms:

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Canadians accustomed to cheap, reliable electricity are facing higher energy costs and, in some parts, an increased likelihood of blackouts. Much of Canada’s electrical power industry shows arterial sclerosis with inadequate investment, fewer exports and increased import competition from high-cost sources in the United States. Canada’s power industry needs a good dose of liberalization, as successfully adopted in the European Union, but most of our provincial politicians are too reluctant to give up their monopoly fiefdoms.

Socialism In Reverse

Commentary, Crown Corporations, Frontier Centre, Worth A Look

“All great ideas go through three stages. In the first stage they are ridiculed. In the second stage, they are strongly opposed. And in the third stage they are considered to be self-evident,” the philosopher Schopenhauer once observed. Privatization may not have reached stage three, but it’s getting there.