*How we can beat the U.S.

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In a roundtable discussion with Financial Post Editor-in-Chief Terence Corcoran, four leading economic thinkers take up Charles Baillie’s challenge. All agree it is possible to overtake the United States in growth and standard of living. These are edited excerpts of their comments and ideas.

*We need a maxi-plan, not a mini-budget

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Tomorrow, Paul Martin will be delivering a fiscal update but, unlike other years, it will include a mini-budget. Hopefully, “mini” won’t be the guiding objective for establishing a direction for Canada’s budgetary stance. What we need is a “maxi” plan to address the critical long-term economic issues faced by Canada.

*O Canada! A National Swan Song?

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With reluctance and resignation, Canadians are concluding that what they once celebrated as the world’s longest undefended border is quickly vanishing. Economically, culturally, socially, demographically, even politically, Canada, they say, is becoming indistinguishable from the United States.