Lessons From Hong Kong

Hong Kong reverted back to Chinese ownership on July 1. The bustling city of six million thrived under British colonial rule. The question now is: Will absorption by the mainland throttle a prosperity built upon what has until now been regarded as the freest economy in the world?

Reviving Downtown

Figures from Winnipeg’s assessment department show that downtown property values are plunging. They fell 20% between 1991 and 1995, with another 20% decline expected by 1998.

Co-operation Is Better For The Environment

For some reason, the last Parliament seemed all too eager to embrace a troubling American approach to wildlife preservation. A case in point is the Canadian Endangered Species Protection Act (CESPA)

Breaking Out Of The Box

Now that the federal election is over, various scribblers and pundits are busy interpreting our new parliament’s pronounced party divisions.

The End of High Unemployment

In 1989, scholar Francis Fukuyama wrote what was to become a famous essay, “The End of History”. In it, he held that the collapse of the Soviet Union and its central planning model proved once and for all the superiority of the open market economy model.