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Helium Lifts Resource Sector

Commentary, Economy, Lee Harding

Necessity is the mother of invention. After 35 years in oil and gas, Marlon McDougall was frustrated with the pressures of regulations, environmentalism, pipeline restrictions, and the need for expensive technologies as more easily accessible reserves were depleted. Then in …

Desperately trying to derail Canadian oil sands: Radical activists launch more attacks on oil sands, Keystone pipeline, jobs and revenues

Commentary, Climate, Paul Driessen

The Alberta-to-Texas pipeline would create more than 5,500 Nebraska jobs during its construction period and support 1,000 permanent jobs through 2030. During the project’s lifetime, KXL would generate $950 million in labor income, $130 million in property, sales and other state and local taxes, and $679 million for the state’s gross domestic product, by bringing Canadian oil sands petroleum to Texas refineries.

Language matters in war

Blog, Climate, Tom Harris

Politically correct but deceptive phrases such as “carbon tax” are dangerous because they influence millions of people and, ultimately, important government policy.