Canada’s Downward Path From Nation To Fiction

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The population of Quebec will shrink to barely one-fifth of Canada’s by 2031 – implying, according to economist Brian Lee Crowley in an important new book, “a big drop in the province’s relative weight in the House of Commons.” In fact, he calculates, Quebec’s influence will fall from 75 out of 308 MPs to 75 out of 375. The political implications would be profound.

Think Tanks Changing Their Minds

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In the United States, think tanks are hugely effective and a major part of the political debate. They play a constant role and an interactive role with government in terms of where government wants to go and trying to help with the kinds of policy prescriptions and the issues that they need to have looked at by independent people,” Here in Canada, Think-tanks here tend to present research that they have done in the abstraction from the public debate.