Taking on the Eco-Tyranny: The truth about plastic bags is another example of the law of unintended consequences raining on a green crusade

Commentary, Environment, Frontier Centre

The geniuses at the drugstore chain’s head office who ordered the surcharge on plastic bags were, no doubt, sure they were on to something. They’d be showing their concern for the environment by encouraging customers to bring their own permanent, cloth shopping bags. They’d be showing they have a social conscience and that they were in-tune with their customers’ desires to go fashionably “green.” (Not to mention that charging five cents for a bag that costs the chain a fraction of cent, multiplied by millions of bags per year, is good for the bottom line.)

Truth or Consequences: Your Call, Saint John

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Sometimes when I want to get a snapshot of what the people are thinking, I go to the newspaper’s online site. At the top of the list, both in terms of most read and most commented, was “Pothole Pandemonium” (Feb. 18) with 33 comments mostly critical of the condition of our streets with literally hundreds of thumbs-up. However, one particular comment unrelated to the public’s growing disenchantment with the condition of our streets caught my attention.

Two Lies Make A Truth

Worth A Look, Climate, Frontier Centre

“In the world of green and liberal politics, where they practice extreme environmentalism, nothing bears examination: two lies make a truth. We now learn that Bjorn Lomborg, who was never a climate skeptic, has magically disavowed that status. As the entire mockery of human induced global warming collapses, it is a convenient conversion.”

Truth and Reality Exiting Stage Left

Commentary, Climate, Frontier Centre

“When we remember that we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.” Mark Twain’s comment helps me understand the absolute contradictions presented as truth, sense and reality. Consider just a short list: Warming is causing global cooling. …

The Dirty Truth

Worth A Look, Climate, Frontier Centre

Carbon capture and storage, as these schemes are known, is misguided environmentally, economically, and in the long term, politically too. Carbon capture has only one virtue: It solves short term political problems for both leaders.

Offended by the Truth

Commentary, Aboriginal Futures, Joseph Quesnel

There is little diversity within indigenous nationalism. You must accept the traditional conception presented by elites or you are kicked off the island. The reality is all cultures change, including First Nations. It is Sitting Bull who said, “When you find anything good in the white man’s road, pick it up. When you find something bad, leave it alone.”