The Great Health Care Squeeze

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Last year’s Frontier Centre for Public Policy’s annual Euro-Canada Health Consumer Index reported that Canada had improved its score in four of five measured categories, including patient rights, wait times, outcomes and range and reach of services, though we still have “a long way to go to catch up to Europe’s top performers,” not least because we run one of the most expensive systems in the world.

Pension Riots Brewing in Canada?: $208 billion MORE needed to pay for public sector pension plans

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“Are you saving $14,180 a year for your pension? That is how much you would have needed to save – every year for the last 35 years – to pay yourself a pension equal to that of a federal public servant retiring today. That’s a lot of money and precisely why taxpayers are on the hook for an unfunded federal pension liability of $208 billion, according to a recent C.D. Howe Institute report.”

A High-growth, Low-tax Welfare State

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Over the years, the Orewa Rotary Club has hosted provocative speeches that have set the New Zealand political agenda for the coming year. In February 2009, MP, former Minister of Finance, and Frontier Centre Advisory Board member Sir Roger Douglas gave his assessment of recent economic conditions and what governments can and can’t do to deliver prosperity to their citizens.