Why Young People are Important

Commentary, Immigration, Owen McShane, Workplace

The population of the Earth now numbers more than 6 billion. That’s a lot of people. This fact reminds us of the Malthusian population curve, the exponential line where the planet’s resources cannot meet the needs of an exploding populace. Despite the worries of doomcasters, this curve is simply bad history.

To Test or Not to Test?

Education, Publications, Rodney Clifton

This paper will examine the question of standards testing in public schools. What is its purpose? Are standards tests an effective and acceptable tool for measuring public school performance? Should we keep them or discard them?

Healthcare’s Magicians And Spendthrifts

Commentary, Frontier Centre, Healthcare

A local academic recently claimed that the profit motive “has become the sole cost driver in Medicare.” He said that Canada’s basic healthcare system costs the same as it did in 1971 and attributed increases in spending since to “the private system we have no control over”, namely drug companies, and private clinics.

Why Free Trade Works

Commentary, Frontier Centre, Trade

Dr. Lawrence Reed is an economist and president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, Michigan’s most influential think tank. Michigan Governor John Engler and many of his administration’s officials have cited the work of the Mackinac Center as the source of the ideas that revived their state’s economy.