Farm Chemicals can Benefit our Environment

Agriculture, Commentary, Robert Sopuck, Rural

This means that our soil resources will be tightly tied to the earth and our lands protected from spring floods and winds. In addition, the wholesale adoption of winter wheat may reduce flooding overall as the spring runoff is captured very early in spring by crops that have spent the winter under the snow. Throw in newer, better, and less toxic herbicides and the future looks bright.

Bottom Up Public Policy Works Better

Commentary, Frontier Centre, Role of Government

The federal NDP is engaged in serious soul searching, with only 9% of Canadians supporting the party in a recent opinion poll. Against this bleak backdrop, a group of party activists has been working on the “New Politics Initiative”, an attempt to redefine where the party is going and what it stands for.

Archaic Indian Act is behind native poverty

Aboriginal Futures, Commentary, Media Appearances, Peter Holle

In yesterday’s National Post, Matthew Coon Come, the national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, suggested Ottawa is orchestrating a conspiracy to trap native people in poverty in order to assimilate them. While Mr. Coon Come is right about the existence of a poverty trap, it is the legal structure of the Indian Act itself, not a desire to assimilate native Indians, that is to blame.