Positive Changes at MTS

Alberta, Commentary, Crown Corporations, Frontier Centre, Manitoba

Last week brought new evidence of accelerating change in the telecommunications industry. Bell Canada announced it would pay a premium price for 20% of Manitoba Telecom Services. As part of the deal the two companies will form a venture, two-thirds owned by MTS, to provide business services in Alberta and British Columbia.

Lessons From Ireland

Commentary, Frontier Centre, Taxation

Ten years ago, this island’s population of 3.6 million suffered 18% unemployment. Its economy was based mainly on farming and natural resources. Talented folks did what generations before them had done to get ahead – leave, just as many of our own have done on the Prairies.

Christmas Pudding

Commentary, Frontier Centre, Poverty

Could the world of tinsel and merriment that now surrounds us be merely a sham? If you believe the latest alarums from the poverty industry, trumpeted uncritically by the media, it cloaks a stark reality for the armies of Canada’s poor.