April 2-April 8 Poll Question:    Should federal government invoke the Emergencies Act? (92 participants)

Results:         YES 22.83%    NO 77.17%


“Although the United States and Canada have had quite different constitutional frameworks, their uses of emergency powers through most of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries were very similar … These frameworks lasted until abuses of emergency powers were exposed in both countries in the 1970s. And there the parallel history ended. Canada adopted a comprehensive constitutional revision that brought all emergency powers within constitutional understandings.” – Kim Lane Scheppele (North American emergencies: The use of emergency powers in Canada and the United States)


March 27-April 2 Poll Question:    Should federal, provincial, and municipal governments use cell phones to monitor Canadians to enforce quarantine measures? (160 participants)

Results:         YES 28.75%    NO 71.25%


“In Canada, while there is a chance the provinces could lean on emergency laws to order telecommunications companies to hand over user data, it would likely be subject to a court challenge. At the federal level, the Emergencies Act does not provide for the collection of personal data in a pandemic.” – Rachel D’Amore (Global News)


March 20-26 Poll Question:    Should Canada Impose a National Lockdown? (102 participants)

Results:         YES 47.60%    NO 53.40%


“The head of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has called on other countries around the world to “apply the lessons learned in [South] Korea and elsewhere” in their own battles against the coronavirus.”