Cherry Picking Works Both Ways

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Over at Watts up With that, Anthony posted a satirical post that parodies how some climate alarmists use short term noise in environmental observations to imply evidence of global warming.  In this case, he uses past statements that the break up date of river ice is a good proxy for demonstrating the existence of global warming.  This year, that proxy suggests that climate is cooling because the ice break up is later than 1940.

On a more serious note another post at Watts up with That notes that there is a new journal called Nature Climate Change that is now being published.  It is nice to see this type of comment published in a peer reviewed climate science journal.

Climate change is the norm. If you want something to worry about, it would be if the climate were static. It would be like a person being dead.

Data Centres in Manitoba – What’s Missing?

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Both Manitoba Hydro and the Manitoba Government promote the fact that Manitoba offers the lowest cost of electricity in North America.  As an additional benefit, virtually all of that power is produced from renewable hydro instead of coal, natural gas or nuclear.

According to this post, the major criteria for site selection of large data centres includes low cost power, ability to use or dissipate heat, and low-cost real estate.  An obvious additional category would be very high capacity, low cost and multiple path multi-gigabit fibre links to major Internet nodes across North America.

As we go into a fall election, the political parties should be challenged to identify why Manitoba is not already attracting this type of investment in data centres and what changes in government policy will enable our province to become a home to this type of business enterprise.