The End of High Unemployment

Commentary, Workplace, Peter Holle

In 1989, scholar Francis Fukuyama wrote what was to become a famous essay, “The End of History”. In it, he held that the collapse of the Soviet Union and its central planning model proved once and for all the superiority of the open market economy model.

Global Warming?

Commentary, Climate, Peter Holle

As you may have noticed, Manitoba is suffering the most miserable spring in years. Temperatures remain below normal. With a month to go till the summer solstice (or maximum sunshine per day), the Victoria Day holiday weekend high was a …

Customers on Campus

Commentary, Education, Peter Holle

Our universities are floundering. In the worst public sector tradition, they remain substantially disconnected from their customers and financial benefactors. Funds pour into declining faculties while ones in demand turn away students for lack of resources.