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Frontier of Ideas.

Over the last generation, we’ve seen publicly funded schools abandon their traditional vocation of teaching Canadians how to think – to advance new ideas, set new agendas and help modern society prosper.

This must change.

The frontier of the 21st century must be the frontier of ideas, particularly in the field of public policy. Our governments are starved for new ideas.

We need to refresh thinking, to stimulate bolder discussion, to push beyond the safe zone. If we do this, we can not only create smarter and better governments, we can engage Canadians and increase the economic and scientific literacy of individuals to help them regain control of their lives.

It has been said that the philosophy of education this generation will be the philosophy of government in the next. Help us shape the ideas today that will change the way that we are governed tomorrow.

The “New Frontiers Campaign”.

Our mission is simple but not easy. To change Canada by strengthening minds, elevating discourse, mentoring youth and bringing the leading minds of the world to bear on problems that matter most.

The Frontier Centre believes that intellectual friction sparks the fire and encourages new ways of looking at and solving public policy problems.

Join us in this mission. With your support, New Frontiers will finance six new research Chairs, attract bright young thinkers, drive bold new public policy ideas and engage Canadians to improve economic and scientific literacy.

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Frank Atkins

Finance and Capital Markets

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Tom Flanagan

Aboriginal Futures

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Wendell Cox

Housing Affordability and Municipal Policy

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Patrick Moore

Energy, Ecology and Prosperity

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Barry Cooper

Foreign Affairs, Defense & Trade

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Think tank launches campaign to provoke discussion, create smarter public policy

CALGARY, MAY 6, 2015 – The Frontier Centre for Public Policy (FCPP) announced today the launch of New Frontiers, a five-year, $24-million fund-raising initiative to encourage sound public policies that promise to transform the way Canadians are governed in future.

“Our governments are starved for new ideas,” explains Peter Holle, Founder and President of the FCPP. “We need to refresh thinking, stimulate bolder discussion, push beyond the safe zone. If we do this, we will create smarter and better public institutions, engage Canadians, and increase the economic and scientific literacy of individuals to help them regain control of their lives.”

New Frontiers follows months of research asking Canadians what matters most to their businesses and families.

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