The Frontier Centre achieves high visibility and impact on the public dialogue through a variety of information products available to the general public:

Audio Commentaries

The Centre produces public policy audio (podcasts) on a variety of public policy topics.


Backgrounders educate readers on a particular topic or issue and range from 1,200 and 2,500 words. Backgrounders have endnotes citing the sources for facts and other authors who have written about the issues.

Briefing Notes

Briefing notes provide readers with a brief overview on a specific topic and range from 1,00o and 2,000 words. Briefing notes contain a historical overview, quick statistics, current issues, endnotes, and bibliography.


A one page statistical and graphical discussion of prairie policy issues. Also circulated by fax and email.


Commentaries range between 550 and 800 words, do not have footnotes or endnotes, however, they include hyperlinks within the text to guide interested readers to references and related documents.


Essays are longer, between 900 and 3,000 words, and have footnotes or hyperlinks to source material that has been cited.


An index is an indicator or method of measurement.

Media Appearances

Many of Frontier’s policy experts appear on a variety of TV and Radio Talk Shows, such as Bridge City News and CHQR770.


Short policy commentary from the advisory board and invited guests.

Policy Notes

Short, solutions-oriented articles published regularly in major Canadian newspapers. These one-page commentaries are also sent to 10,000 opinion leaders via fax and e-mail.

Policy Series

Longer reports of interest to researchers and opinion leaders.
Conversations from the Frontier – Brief interviews with policy innovators.
Meetings with Policy Experts – Short lectures and presentations by trend setting researchers and public officials.

Profile Series

Profiles on leading individuals in public policy and leaders in the different areas FCPP has be involved with research.

Public Presentations

Frontier Centre staff and advisory board members regularly address varied audiences, including service clubs, university students and business organizations.

Radio Commentaries

The Centre produces public policy commentary for a number of different network and independent radio stations across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Research Papers

Research Papers are more than 3,000 words but less than 10,000 words. Research papers are written in a more formal -academic- manner; they have headings, side-headings, end notes, and bibliographies. Most research papers have tables and figures.

Valuation of Crown Corporations

The Centre produces current valuations on many different crown corporations across Canada, providing citizens with a sense their performance and estimated value to the public if they were to be divested.