Quebec, Shale Gas and Pandora’s Box

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There were some in Quebec who were thrilled last week when the new Parti Québécois government suggested it would ban the development of the province’s shale gas resources. While this seems to be just another story of a province deciding for or against a development opportunity, a shale gas ban might have larger consequences down the road.

Natural Gas-to-Liquids Coming to the U.S.

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Few “alternative fuels” hold the promise of abundance, reliability, high-yield, portability, compatibility, and strategic enhancement that the transformation of natural gas to liquid does. This backgrounder examines the economic, strategic and environmental implications of a market capable of delivering millions of tons of transport fuel derived from natural gas.

There Will Be Oil: For decades, advocates of ‘peak oil’ have been predicting a crisis in energy supplies. They’ve been wrong at every turn, says Daniel Yergin.

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Since the beginning of the 21st century, a fear has come to pervade the prospects for oil, fueling anxieties about the stability of global energy supplies. It has been stoked by rising prices and growing demand, especially as the people of China and other emerging economies have taken to the road.

Burn Baby Burn

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Denmark incinerates about 40% of its rubbish, but it also has a recycling rate the UK can only envy and most importantly only a fraction of Denmark’s waste, about 10%, goes into landfill. Compare that to the UK which buries over half of its waste.

President Obama Is COOLing It

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Food trade policy is essential to providing variety and affordability to consumers, no matter where they live. The food industry is largely recession-proof, but still vulnerable to external influences. With a president in the White House who seems ready to think more internationally, the virtues of free trade may be fortified. That would be welcome news to the Canadian economy during these worrying conditions.