The Lost War

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While many western nations are debating the merits of keeping troops in Afghanistan after 10 years, there is a much older war effort that needs to be discussed as well. The United States seems to have noted this war-weariness. During …

What the West Wants Next

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper came to Ottawa with a checklist of Western grievances he had committed to relieving. At the time it seemed like a long one. Turns out it wasn’t: After little more than five years in power, what early priorities he hasn’t scuttled — such as the Reform party’s one-time tendencies toward social conservative policy and populist democratic reforms — he’s nearly finished.

Dick Cheney Speaks in Calgary

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Former Vice-President of the United States Dick Cheney spoke to an impressive, yet intimate crowd in Calgary. The Bon Mot Book Club, began by Leah Costello, kicked off its first Calgary speaker series on Tuesday evening. Vice-President Cheney spoke briefly reflecting …