Aruna Papp, MA, ADR, MEd.

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Frontier Centre: I would like you to tell us a little bit about what is ‘Honour-based violence’? Aruna Papp: Honour based violence is a crime committed in the name of protecting or defending family honour. It is usually committed by …

Commercial fishing monopoly the problem

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A few weeks ago, the Frontier Centre released a policy series called Free to Fish: How a Freshwater Fish Monopoly is Impovering Aboriginal Fishers. The piece tackled the problem of the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation (the FFMC), which is the …

Poverty Claims Show Welfare System Failure

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All kids are poor. Children typically don’t own much beyond a few toys. That’s true in poor families. And it’s true of rich families. Children must rely totally on parents and caregivers. On their own, they’re destitute. And yet we have a report boldly titled Child Poverty. That tugs at the heartstrings and makes great newspaper copy but it’s wrong. The report should properly be titled family or household poverty.

Family Reunification

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Recently I wrote an Op-Ed in the National Post where I argued that the family re-unification program has a number of benefits that are difficult to quantify. Critics of the immigration status quo often claim that there is a “net …