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Smoot-Hawley Redux?

Commentary, Trade, Brian Giesbrecht

The Trump administration has unveiled a long list of punishing tariffs that will affect everyone. This time around they will not exempt Canadian steel and aluminium. Is this the beginning of a worldwide trade war, or simply a clever negotiating …

American Job Losses and NAFTA

Commentary, Trade, Ross McKitrick

Decades of steady trade liberalization have served Canada’s economic development. As the Montreal Economic Institute’s Mathieu Bédard noted recently in FP Comment (“Trump’s anti-NAFTA myths spread north,” July 14), the NAFTA years have seen consistent increases in productivity and output …

Derail interswitching policies

Commentary, Trade, Mary-Jane Bennett

Forcing rail carriers to ship a competitor’s cars harms profitability and distorts the investment market The winter before last, Canadians endured their coldest-ever winter. On the rail lines, deliveries were slowed significantly, creating a backlog of grain and other commodities …