Evidence on the Negative Income Tax

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Carol Goar’s op-ed in The Toronto Star today discusses the negative income tax. The negative income tax is basically a policy proposal to create a guaranteed annual income for all households. The government would set a minimum threshold that it wants everybody to have, …

EI Lessons From South Of The Border

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“The Long-Term Effects of Generous Income Support Program: Unemployment Insurance in New Brunswick and Maine, 1940-1991,” found only 5.7% of male workers and 3.3% of female workers in Maine collected benefits in 1990. Cross the northern border into Canada and 29.5% of male workers and 29.7% of female workers were on the dole. The authors estimated more liberal benefits in N.B. accounted for two thirds of this difference. They also found that since 1982, the joblessness rate in N.B. has consistently been above 12% whereas the out-of-work rate in Maine has routinely been below 8%.

A Dwindling Herd

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For decades, the Moose and other fraternal organizations have provided a social safety net for those not covered by government programs, assisting sick children, the disabled, the disadvantaged and the abused. With the economy unsettled and governments facing deficits, the role they play is crucial, says Lindsay Blackett, Alberta’s Minister of Culture and Community Spirit.

Advice For Ontario: Play hardball

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The move would be provocative. It would be parochial. It could spark a serious federal-provincial clash. But maybe Premier Dalton McGuinty needs to cause a little trouble in Ottawa, says economist Hugh Mackenzie. Asking for a fair deal for Ontario hasn’t done much good. So here is Mackenzie’s idea: McGuinty should serve notice to the Prime Minister that Ontario intends to opt out of the Employment Insurance system and set up its own program.

Gaddafi ‘to hand out oil money’

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“The money that we put in the education budget, I say let the Libyans take it,” Col Gaddafi said in a 100-minute televised speech to the General People’s Congress, Libya’s equivalent of a parliament.

“Put it in your pockets and teach your kids as you wish, you take responsibility.”