What Makes Us Unique and Effective

The Average Person Is Our Audience

The Centre strives to popularize important but complicated concepts by writing in a short, topical format that translates them into entertaining reading for a mass audience. Longer, more detailed materials are available for the limited numbers who want to delve deeper into issues.

Large Audiences

Frontier has become a prominent source of new policy thinking on the Prairies and Canada. Our publications receive wide coverage through daily and weekly newspapers and reach an estimated 58 million people on a regular basis. Our material has been profiled in national media as well as in prestigious international newspapers. Our state-of-the-art website receives millions of hits monthly.

Economics Focus

The Frontier Centre’s work focuses on emerging economic trends. We do not address issues with a controversial moral or political dimension (such as abortion or capital punishment).

Non-Partisan and Independent

The Frontier Centre is non-partisan and non-ideological. Committed to our independence, we neither seek nor accept government funding. By this definition, we are the only truly independent think tank on the prairies.

Intellectual Strength / People

Our advisory board includes both experienced public policy innovators and academic specialists.