Hon. Duff Roblin, former Premier of Manitoba

“The Frontier Centre for Public Policy challenges conventional thinking and even popular opinion about important issues of public policy. This stimulation to public discussion and debate is a critical public service to an improving society. It deserves hearty applause.”

Hon. Janice MacKinnon, former Saskatchewan Finance Minister

“The Frontier Centre is a fantastic forum to discuss innovative policy options, a critical ingredient in sound public policy and forward looking government.”

Alvin RabushkaDavid and Joan Traitel Senior FellowHoover Institution, Stanford University

David Seymour, director of the Frontier Center for Public Policy (Saskatchewan office), has written an important paper that should help frame the debate on tax policy for all of Canada’s provinces. “Five Single Rate Tax Thoughts,” presents a compelling case that Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, and the other provinces would benefit from enacting a low flat tax that has given Alberta the best investment and work climate in Canada.

Gordon Gibson, author and columnist

“More good stuff!  Please keep it up. It is very important. You are helping to change the paradigm.  …”

Angus Reid, Angus Reid Consultants

“I’m very impressed by the work of your centre. Keep up the good work…”

Hon. John Messer, former Saskatchewan Agriculture and Transport Minister

“Saskatchewan and Manitoba need bold ideas to prosper and succeed. The Frontier Centre has a big opportunity to help this process and to challenge conventional thinking.”

Jerry L.Gray, Asper School of Business, The University of Manitoba

“Innovation in public policy is the one area in which Manitoba could create a sustainable competitive edge that would set us apart from others and create economic growth and social development unparalleled anywhere else in Canada. The Frontier Centre is at the forefront of the issues we need to examine.”

Scott Mackay, President, Probe Research Inc.

“I was very impressed with the calibre of the speaker as well as the array of well recognized civic opinion leaders in attendance.”

Geoffrey Hale, Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of Lethbridge

“Frontier is provocative but rigorous in its analysis of public policy issues.”

David Henderson, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

“I truly believe that the Frontier Centre, with a larger budget, could have a huge impact on Manitoba politics in the next few years. It has a rare ability to get policy makers to pay attention to its ideas. ”

Hon. Stephen Harper, former Prime Minister of Canada

“Over the last decade, the Frontier Centre has grown into a sturdy Manitoba Maple, with solid branches reaching into every major area of public policy research and advocacy and did it with without taking a nickel in government money.  Everyone associated with the organization should be proud of what you have accomplished.   Frontier’s ongoing contribution to serious, informed public policy debate in Canada has been outstanding.”