The Wealth Of Time

Commentary, Disruption, Frontier Centre

January Michael Cox and Richard Alm calculate how much of the average worker’s productive day must be set aside to make a particular purchase, and then they compare the results with the hours past generations had to put in.

To Sell Or Not To Sell Winnipeg Hydro

Commentary, Energy, Frontier Centre

Winnipeg’s civic election warmed up last week when mayoral candidates Glen Murray and Peter Kaufmann duked it out over Winnipeg Hydro. Kaufmann would sell it to Manitoba Hydro while Murray would keep the utility, invest $235 million in it, and use the profits to help cut property taxes.

Relieving The Pressure

Commentary, Healthcare & Welfare, Frontier Centre

Since “non-urgent” waiting lists for such marvels in our country are long and arguably dangerous — four to five months for a MRI, six months for a CT scan, and eight months to a year for an ultrasound — it is no surprise that a clinic was constructed in Grafton, North Dakota so quickly.