What can be Done About the “Under-Funding” of Canadian Universities?

Publication, Education, Rodney Clifton

Executive Summary

  • Despite complaints from the academic community about “under funding” of Canadian universities, Canada continues to outspend the 29 OECD countries as a percent of GDP.
  • In fact, Canadian universities are producing more graduates than ever before.
  • Nevertheless, there are still very high attrition rates in many universities.
  • To improve the performances of universities, three policy changes are recommended.
  • First, universities must use standardized literacy and numeracy tests as part of their admission requirements.
  • Second, students should not pay high tuition fees for learning remedial skills. Thus, fees for many first year courses should be lower than fees for second and third year courses.
  • Finally, provincial governments should use incentive-based grants so that more money goes to universities that graduate higher percentages of the students they enrol in first year.
  • View 5 page backgrounder in pdf format – What can be Done About the “Under-Funding” of Canadian Universities?