Mandate for New Leadership for a New Prime Minister

Three independent Canadian think tanks offers ideas to move Canada forward ..

The Fraser Institute, supported by the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) and the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, has prepared a comprehensive set of policies, Mandate for Leadership for the New Prime Minister, released today at a news conference in Toronto, designed to reverse the national decline and restore Canada’s status as one of the world’s leading nations.

Mandate for Leadership provides specific policy prescriptions to improve the everyday life of Canadians and boost Canada’s status in the world. Each set of prescriptions is followed by background material, including references to detailed research conducted by The Fraser Institute, other research institutes, universities, and other research groups.

“This Mandate for Leadership offers policy prescriptions based on the best practice and principles available,” says Peter Holle, president of the Winnipeg-based Frontier Centre. “The formula for prosperity is universal: empowerment of the individual, the family and the community. A better, more prosperous nation awaits its application.”


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