Media Release – Think Tank Launches Campaign To Make Sucker Fish Official Manitoba Fish

The Frontier Centre has submitted the Bigmouth Buffalo Sucker as its nominee for the official provincial fish, since the Manitoba government has decided that it would rather hold a fish naming contest than a referendum on the PST increase.

In response to the Manitoba government’s recently announced contest to elect an official provincial fish, the Frontier Centre for Public Policy has launched a campaign to elect the Bigmouth Buffalo Sucker (Ictiobus cyprinellus). Yes, this is a real fish.

The nomination of the Bigmouth Sucker was officially submitted this morning via the provincial government’s website and the campaign is being run via the Frontier's Facebook page (

Despite taking long holidays upstream during summer, the Bigmouth Suckers are often found in downtown Winnipeg in the Red River area. Being naturally resilient, they’ll likely stay afloat much longer than the provincial government.

“We are disappointed that a lack of time has prevented the province allowing Manitoban’s their legal right to a referendum on the PST increase,” said Frontier Centre policy analyst Peter McCaffrey.

“But we are very excited that the provincial government has managed to find enough time to allow the people of Manitoba a vote on such a critical issue as the official provincial fish.”

“This contest is a perfect distraction for Manitobans who really don’t need to hear about things like ballooning deficits, increased taxes, and long-term fiscal challenges,” continued Mr. McCaffrey.

Those with ideas for other fish that could serve as a distraction are encouraged to submit their own ideas on the provincial government website. Nominations close in February 2014, allowing for a very long and thorough investigation into this important matter at a time when there aren’t any bigger fish to fry.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Peter McCaffrey
Policy Analyst
Frontier Centre for Public Policy
1 306 501-9594

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